Are you a fan of Roblox? Of course, you are! Especially after that Kanye West and Lil Pump video.

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Roblox is currently one of the biggest multiplayer online games in the world with more than 170 million accounts already live. The real fun in the game lies in being able to design your own games within the game. You also have the option of partaking in the created Roblox adventures of others.

In the world of Roblox, you get to be as creative as you want to be. But sometimes, your creativity might be limited by your adeptness at utilizing all the tools made available to you on Roblox.
To help you become a more powerful Roblox player, we’ve put together some of the best Roblox tips and tricks you can find. Follow these tips and you’ll soon be creating multiple fantastic worlds and modifying your player to perfectly represent you.

Enough talk. Let’s get started!

How to Create Your Own Place

Being able to create your own world within Roblox and customize it is one of the best things about the game. Players have created places that look like something straight out Tolkien while others have opted for places with a more sci-fi vibe. It all depends on what sort of kingdom you’d like to own and rule over.

Whatever type of world you choose to build, you have the power to make it a restricted domain that only those you deem worthy can enter. Or, you could just make it public so that anyone can stroll in whenever and enjoy your creation with you.

Roblox World

Step #1

To begin creating, click on the “Develop” button. Choose “Build New” then click “Place”. Next, you’ll be taken to a place creation page that offers a variety of starter place options. Look around and choose what you like.If you want to, you can edit the tab content as you see fit in the tabs; “Access”, “Basic” and “Advanced Settings”. Now you should be able to select “Build” in the user page. This will give you the access to edit where you’d like to build.

Step #3

If you’d like to customize your bricks, you are going to need Roblox Studio. You can get this from the Roblox website. If you have Roblox Studio, just go to the toolbar and click the Edit Mode button. You’ll be taken to an Explorer window which will appear on the right side of your screen. This screen will list every item in the game. Here, you can open Workspace to edit blocks. In Workspace, press the + symbol by its name. Begin editing the bricks’ properties such as its shape, size or color. There are also premade objects that you can incorporate into your design.

Step #2

To begin editing, you need to first create bricks. To do this, click on “Insert”. You’ll find it upper left of your screen. Once you click it, a box will appear in the right corner of your screen. Click on Bricks in this new box and select your desired color. Next step is to move the bricks. Click on Game Tool, put the cursor on the bricks, click and hold then drag to move it. You also have the option to rotate a brick. Do this by pressing R and then pressing T to tilt it.

Step #4

Once you’ve inserted and completed your changes, save your creation. To make sure people can see and visit your created world, go to Edit Mode, select File, then hit Publish to Roblox. This will store your creation on the Roblox server where it can be accessed by anyone who’s interested. It doesn’t hurt to have multiple copies of your place saved. To do this, simply click File, then Save As, and enter the name you’d like it to be stored with.

How to make your Place Private

If making your place/game public turns out to not be your taste, you can always close the gates by making it private. This is really easy, but remember that once you make your game private, all running games will immediately shut down and any VIP subscriptions you may have will be canceled.

If this doesn’t bother you, proceed by clicking Create which you will find at the top of the website in a blue bar. You’ll see the My Creations tab. From there, navigate to Games and find the specific place or game you’d like to make private.

Clicking the grey icon beneath the game or place’s title will switch it to private status. Once your game is private, only you will be able to view and play the game. If it’s a group game, making it private will limit access to only you and the other developers with the necessary game edit permissions.

How to Fuse Weapons

Would you like to make your player three times as strong? No steroids needed. Just a bit of manipulation

To fuse a weapon in the game, you need to take your player to where it can find swords. Once you arrive there, get two swords. Now, you need to stretch your fingers because you are going to need to do some fast button pressing. Are you ready?

If number 1 on your tools is a sword and number 2 is the other sword, press the backspace key on 1 then immediately press 2. Timing this perfectly is crucial. If you are successful, your player will pick up both swords.
Why bother going through with this hassle? Well, when you fuse two swords, you triple, not double, triple your sword attack power. Also, it sort of makes you faster and more difficult for enemies to escape you.

Something important to remember is that this hack might cause the Roblox studio to crash. To make sure you don’t lose your progress, make sure to create a backup of your place/game before you try fusing a weapon.

roblox player 2

How to make your player look like you 

Roblox player

Step #1

Want to play god and create a being in your own image? No problem. Just log in on Roblox and navigate to “Develop”. Click “Edit” over any of your games/places. It doesn’t matter if it’s an inactive game/place. Next, hit F6 on your keyboard or click “Test” at the top of your screen. This will take you to test mode where you will click Play.

Step #2

Navigate to Explorer and go to Workspace to find your username. Right-click your username then “select children”. Select everything that pops up under your username. Right-click all the selected items under username then click “Group.” Scroll down to “Model” then right-click and hit “Rename”. Name the model as you please then publish it. Save to Roblox by right-clicking Model and hitting “Save”. A window will pop up and in there you’ll click “Create New”.

Step #3

Clicking Create New will bring up a window where you can name the model and add your choice of description. Once that’s done, click “Finish”.
Leave your Studio and navigate to “Develop” then “Models.”
Click the grey arrow after you find your model and configure it. Once you are done, hit “Save”. You can make the model a free item if you want others to be able to access it.
That’s it! All that’s left is to insert the model to a set and voila, you’ve created life in your image.

How to become popular on Roblox

The more popular you are on Roblox, the more fun you are bound to have. After all, socializing is half the reason for playing multiplayer online games. 
If you want to be more liked on the platform, don’t try too hard. If that’s too vague, use the following tips

• Don’t take it too personally if you get called a noob.
• Enjoy yourself without doing it to the detriment of others, and don’t be rude.
• Avoid duplicating other people’s creations. In Roblox, imitation isn’t considered a form of flattery.

• Become part of an active group that’s friendly and whose members are interested in the same things as you are.
• Don’t try to pick up dates. You’ll just be seen as some weird, creepy predator type.
• Avoid cursing as much as you can. It just makes you seem childish.
• And definitely, don’t spam.

Basically, just act like a reasonable person would in a real-life gathering of hundreds of people.
That’s our list of Roblox tips and tricks.
Don’t be shy to poke around in as many of the awesome places and games you can find. And as a bonus for those of you who are fans of shooters, you can find out how to make and equip a gun on Roblox here ( ).