Welcome to our all new Roblox marketplace, here you can buy/sell Roblox items, these include; Buying and Selling of Robux, buying or selling of Roblox accounts, or trading items. We have some simple rules that you must follow, failing to do so can put your money/account at risk. So please for your own safety follow our guidelines.

For the time being, only products supplied by us are being sold, our team of developers is working on creating a system where users can sign up and sell their own items/Robux. We want to make the system as safe and reliable as possible so please allow us time, thank you for your patience.

Updates Coming Soon:

By the end of July 2019, we are looking to put our Marketplace fully live, this will allow users to sign up and sell their Roblox account, Robux, and any items within Roblox. At the present time, we are the only seller, this is soon to change.

If you are an experienced developer and think you could help us create our system where users can sell their own products please contact us, we currently have a small team assigned to the creation but are always looking for more helping hands, more the merrier!

Stay up to date by following our news presented on our blog.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Payments are completed through PayPal.
  • Never approve the funds until you are 100% sure you have full control of the account/Robux.
  • Make sure you buy/sell within our platform, failing to do so will mean you will not be covered if you get scammed.
  • Be polite and treat others with respect, bad language or behavior is not tolerated.

Some Guidelines may only apply once the Marketplace is fully live!

How do we deliver/purchase Robux

We deliver Robux and Purchase Robux through Group Funding method. Every time we send Robux or purchase it we will send you confirmation that looks like this, we also expect the same when purchasing from sellers, please see below for example:

Group Funding

Buy Robux
Sell your Robux to us!

Selling Robux has never been easier, simply contact our live support and let us know how many you are looking to sell, we are currently buying at the following prices:

1,000 Robux = $6

Alternatively, feel free to join our new Discord group and speak to Curtis, you can also sell on Discord with our bot!

Join our discord chat

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ZhBQGvs)

(Live Support: Mon-Fri 9-5 PM)

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