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If you’re in need of assistance or require contacting our team regarding a technical issue then please use the contact form on this page, we usually respond to all messages within 48 hours, but time may vary depending on work load. We also have live support which we operate Monday – Friday so if you see that it reports that we are “online” then our advice would be to try that first as you will most likely resolve your issue a lot faster. Do NOT send any promotional or partnering emails to us, we are NOT interested and will simply ignore them, this email is purely for support anything else not related will be ignored.

Please also remember that if the timer is set to 00:00 then that means our team are currently testing the hack so please standby until the timer is reset.

When contacting us please remember the following:

  • No promotional / partnering emails – we are not interested
  • Has to be related to our service / website, anything else will be ignored.
  • Only send one email, sending additional emails will slow down the response rate.
  • Please do NOT be rude / abusive, you will be banned from using our service.
  • Please provide your Roblox username if the issue is regarding an issue whilst using our Robux generator, this helps our team check our database and find the underlining issue.

Thank you for your understanding.

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