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Welcome to our first post!

We are happy to announce the launch of our Roblox cheats and exploits website. As some of you may know our previous website was taken down by Roblox due to copyright infringements but were back stronger than ever, this time doing things right!

Our service will be going live in the next couple of days after the final parts of testing is completed by our development team, a lot of hard work and dedication has gone in to the hack so please respect our service and don’t abuse it just because its a FREE service.

Anyway, that’s enough of the boring chat, let’s move on to something more exciting, EARNING FREE ROBUX! Yes, you heard it right, we will be giving away anything up to 22,500 Robux (Roblox’s max package) for free. We have a few rules we wanted to outline in this post, just in case you missed them on our homepage.

Rules of using our website:

  • Do NOT use our service more than once in 24 hours.
  • Do NOT promote our service, if you found it keep it your little secret!
  • When contacting our team please be polite, do not send multiple emails regarding the same issue.
  • Dominate Roblox!

We have very basic rules, follow them and have access to our website whenever you need a boost. If you break any of the rules, unfortunately, our system will ban your IP for SEVEN days. We will ignore all messages about being banned as we do not have tolerance for rule breakers. At the end of the day, the rules are in place to ensure a safe future for our cheat site and to also protect your account from being suspended/banned.

We hope you the very best and sincerely hope our hack helps you progress within Roblox.


What else do we have in store for you?

Not only will we be offering Robux for free, we also have a Tips & Tricks page filled with vital information on how to progress within Roblox, it also shows you glitches that you may or may not already know so be sure to check them out! You never know you might be missing out. We will be updating this page every month with that months hot Tips and tricks, we will also have a comment section where users can post and tip or trick that they feel is missing, we will then review the comment and if we feel like it’s worthy to be on the list we will most certainly add it!


Hate hacks and love playing legit?

Not a problem, we have a section on our homepage at the immediate bottom containing information that will get you somewhere in Roblox without using hacks or exploits, yes it may take longer but some see it as more rewarding once you are there. Check the out on our homepage for a few ways to progress without spending money or using cheats, if you feel like its too long winded then feel free to use our cheat and give in to temptation.


More information coming next week, thanks a lot for reading.


Don’t forget to add us to your favourites!


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